Friday, January 11, 2008


So I found this post on someone's blog the other day. Read it and I'll get back to you. . .

Ever heard of the 6 degrees of Kevin Bacon? Where every actor can be linked through their career to Kevin Bacon? I'm convinced that this phenomenon also applies to the blogging world. Take any random persons blog and after clicking on a few links of family and friends, you'll find someone that you've known in your past. The bad thing about this is it feels very stalk-ish. Though I feel vulnerable doing this, I'm exposing some of my blogging faux pas anyway! For example, I've happened to click on someone I know off of my sisters blog, which lead to someone else (I didn't know very well, I'm embarrassed to say) and found my back door neighbor's blog. Seriously.Do I make a comment and admit how I found them? Check in once in a while and not say anything? Anonymously complain that their weeds are creeping to our side of the fence:) Joking.Once I happened to comment to my husband about a really funny post I'd read that day. He asked me who it was and I had to admit that it was a kid I went to high school with that was a few years younger than me. I got that stare--the "What are you really doing at 6:30 in the morning when I think you're just checking your emails" look. Or, it could have been the "Wow, I married a stalker" look. Which ever look it was, I was a little embarrassed. In fact one of my resolutions this year is to limit my time on the computer and only be on with specific purposes, but I digress...But, I've had people that I really enjoy catching up with that have posted a comment to let me know they ran across my blog randomly and I'm so glad they did! So, I guess I should just swallow my pride and not be ashamed of my blogging habits. Blogs are like getting Christmas Cards, not once a year, but every day. Plus, I love the real day-to-day happenings that make life so interesting that don't always make the annual letter. So, stalk away, I say!

Oh my gosh, is this any of you, too? Becuase it's totally me. And the very funny/ironic thing is that this blog belongs to someone that doesn't know I'm reading it. She was a roommate of mine at BYU for a semester, so she'd at least know who I am. I found her through someone else, then someone else, etc. Seriously, do any of you do this too? Should we all admit our stalking issues or keep them secret? I personally would love to know who's reading my stuff. A great way to get reconnected with someone. I don't know. What do you all think?


courtneyb said...

my belief is that everyone "stalks" blogs. I especially hate it when a blog goes private and I know the person but not well or haven't talked in a LONG time so I don't want to comment and get added to the private list, but really I do want to continue to read their blog!!