Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Happy Labor Day!

No, no baby yet, in case you were wondering.

So for our Labor Day festivities the girls had a campout with dad in the backyard Sunday night. We had been promising them a backyard campout for the whole summer and it finally came to be. They played Go Fish in the tent once the sun started going down. Then they ALL slept on the full size air mattress. Cory said they were all scared and layed straight with their eyes wide open. But once they fell asleep they were pretty okay. Cory just didn't get the best sleep, of course.
They woke up bright and early at 6:45. Cory made them hot chocolate just like real camping. I stayed in the house and actually slept the whole night without an interuption. I think that only happens maybe once every 5 or so months! Yeah for me!
Then we went up to Apple Hill to enjoy the fresh air in the mountains and grab tons of fresh fruit. We have a lot of apple pies to make!


Lindsey said...

I did wonder when i saw your title if "Labor day" was intended as a pun, so thanks for clearing that up. Glad you had a great holiday!

The Bentleys said...

what cute pics! Your kids are adorable and growing up so fast!

April said...

What fun! Nikki sure misses the girls!

courtneyb said...

what a good dad. How fun, apple picking, I love the fall! I can't believe your in the single digits for the countdown!!!

Leslie said...

Corey is trooper! Camping with the kids is an act of LOVE! :)
Hopefully you got some good sleep out of it.

-Sydney- said...

Corey is DEFINITELY a trooper! Sleeping on an air mattress is bad enough but with 4 wiggly kids? Wow. Hope he took a nap the next day.

Mmmm, fresh apple pie. Nothing is better!