Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Since I haven't blogged this whole month of January, I've wondered where my time goes. I mean, yeah, I have 5 kids and that alone is busy enough. But then I thought, no really, why can't I get on the computer long enough to post a picture or two. This is why:

Laundry (8-10 loads a week)

Dishes (2 loads a day everyday)

Relief Society (Presidency meetings and activities weekly)

Cleaning throw up (1 mess every night for 3 nights in a row- just a stomach bug)

Giving Spencer and Andi their antibiotics (They each had an ear infection)

Going to the gym (I got a free 2 month Body Challenge Membership)

Piano Lessons (I teach 3 a week)

Meeting with our Painter and Dry Wall guy (Woo Hoo! we're finally getting the house painted in 2 weeks)

Grocery Shopping (2-3 times a week)

Celebrating Birthdays (Ashley turned 7 and Spencer turned 2)

Friday, January 9, 2009

The rest of our Christmas Vacay

So here's the reason we were in Utah for so long: To be with Family! My kids don't have the luxury of grandmas, grandpas, aunts, uncles, and cousins nearby so when we get the chance to be together - we have a blast! Here's a rundown of our 2 weeks:

Christmas Morning

Avery and Magnus (Steve & Deb's boy) are just 5 days apart. He looks so wise here.

This is Tosh (Scott and Tiffany's boy). He's so awesome. You say smile- he stops what he's doing and flashes a big one at you.

We were also able to see my cousin, Lindsey, and her 3 kids. Here's a couch picture of all the cousins and 2nd cousins. Once one of them screamed- they all screamed!

Night Tubing at Soldier Hollow
Everyone loved it- except Spencer. Go figure. He had crocodile tears the whole time even when we physically forced him up the rope and down the slide while saying, "You stop your crying right now and have fun- I mean it."

Aunts and Uncles, Grandmas and Grandpas
This is my brother's wife, Tiffany. She has the most gorgeous blue eyes.

This is my brother, Scott. Apparently in Hawaii you don't have to get haircuts :)

This is my brother, Steve, and his wife Deborah. She is a really talented photographer.

This is mt sister, Katie. Say hi to her next time you're at the Lehi Costco!

This is my mom-always holding a kid

This is my dad- the leader of the pack.


Guitar Hero

Temple Square Lights

Our version of baby sledding!

We had so much fun with the Rice's and the Johansson's. We're so lucky we can visit everyone!

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Christmas Eve

I'm just now getting around to posting some Christmas pictures. We've actually been in Utah for the past 2 weeks and just got home a couple of days ago.
We spend a couple of afternoons with Cory's Dad, Mom, and sister Alyshia. The kids really love visiting them- especially Aunt Alyshia. They get to raid her purse for makeup! Cory's Dad, Allen, let the kids come visit him in his office on Christmas Eve. They have vending machines where all the treats and soda pops are just a quarter. Each kid got 2 quarters and got to pick ANYTHING they wanted. I really think they were in heaven! And Denise made the BEST snacks for us. I love Beef Stick!! Fun times. . .

Christmas Eve night was a fun traditional one for me. My mom and dad made ham, green beans, Swedish red cabbage, Swedish cucumbers, and funeral potatoes. Aunt Deb brought the rolls and appetizers. Cory and I did the punch and dessert. It was mom, dad, sister Katie, me, Cory, my 5 kids, Aunt Deb, Uncle Val, cousin Dane, and Grandma Donna (not mine- Aunt Deb's mom). Family missing: brother Scott, brother Steve, grandpa Gene, granny Betty, cousin Lance, cousin Andi, uncle Cole, cousin Kelly, and cousin Lindsey. Just like growing up- only without the naughty candles and kids table. . .

After dinner we did our traditional "program" where all the kids do a Christmassy talent. When I was a kid, me and my family did piano solos, piano duets, granny and grandpa singing and playing the harmonica, us singing- you get the picture.

Ashley played "Jolly Old St. Nicholas" on the piano

Ainslee sang "Rudolph"

Andi sang "Jingle Bells"

Spencer just stood there looking grumpy- go figure

And Lil' Missy-Avery- was wondering why we were all so loud

Then the bells were brought out! Holy Cow The Bells!
It takes massive amounts of concentration to hit YOUR bell at THE right time. What is supposed to sound like Away in a Manger turns into mush a lot of times but we all laugh as though that's never happened before!
We've been doing the bells for years and years- as long as I can remember. But if you ask my mom, her years get longer and longer ("I haven't brought these out in 10 years. . . I haven't brought these out in 25 years") when really it was just last year.