Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Halloween Happenings

Didn't it stink having Halloween on a Sunday this year? Luckily for Cory and I, the kids had just as much fun handing out candy in their costumes than Trick-Or-Treating. Of course we had the ward Trunk-Or-Treat 2 days before so that cured their candy craving. It's so funny to hear what the kids want to be for Halloween. We have a big bin of costumes that we've been collectin over the years. So pretty much everyone except Ashley and Spencer has a costume each year. We do give them a choice to be something else- but they always choose from the bin. Hey- it works for us!

Ashley decided to be a witch this year. Here's her best witchy face.

Ainslee wanted to be SuperGirl this year. I think it's just because she could wear red lipstick.

Andi was a queen. For years she's been waiting to be the queen and it was finally her chance.

Mr. Spencer was a knight in shining armor. He did wear shoes, I promise. And he had a nice looking helmet- it's just not on. About 5 minutes after we got dressed in costumes, he pounded the sword into the ground and it broke. Seriously? The story of our lives. ANYTHING can be broken. That I know.

Okay. I know you can't tell, but Avery is a blackbird. I saw a cute and easy tutorial on Little Birdie Secrets.com for how to make a little chickadee but Avery has these awesome black biker boots I wanted her to wear. So she became a blackbird. I actually made the costume although it didn't include the sewing machine. And there are feathers on the wings and skirt but you can't see them. So if you ever want to do a blackbird- don't. Go for the chickadee.

And this little guy was a pirate- duh. Nothing more to say about that except that I could eat him he's so dang cute.

The circus:
And there were parties at school. No- not costume parties. Those aren't allowed in our school. DO NOT GET ME STARTED. They're called Harvest Parties so technically the kids are allowed to dress as harvesters (what the?).
And it was the end of red ribbon week so they could "Reach for your dreams when you don't take drugs" and wear their PJ's to school. Seriously? That is so gross! PeePee smelling jammies? That idea won over costumes? Whatever...
And we took the traditional Apple Hill trip. Nothing like breathing fresh air once in a while.

And for a surprise, Cory's Grandma came to visit her daughter Karen for a few weeks. Since we only live 5 miles from Karen we go to visit with Grams fora little while. She came over to see our house and kids. That was fun for the kids and it makes a great generational picture (almost).