Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Does he really want to do it again?

Let me tell you a little story. . . A long, long time ago- 8 years ago actually (before we had kids!) Cory and I took a long, long plane ride to a distant land. We had some really nice company. . . Allen & Denise (Cory's mom & dad) and Chad & April (Cory's brother & his wife). We took a 10 day trip to Spain. We had so many adventures while we were there: Cory bought a really wicked looking sword, we were within inches of getting our very small minivan wedged in the alleyways, we got a police escort out of a city for driving the wrong way, walked 1000 steps to a beautiful church on a cliff in the ocean, I was throwing up constantly in the car (I am still SO SORRY & EMBARRASSED!!), we relaxed at La Perla Day Spa on the beach in San Sebastion, visited a few castles, bought a Lladro, ate blood sausage (okay, not me but the boys did), crossed into the sea side town of Bearritz, France, visited the capital of Madrid, toured El Prado Museum in Madrid, and many many other things. But the whole reason we went in the first place was for this. . .

The Running of the Bulls

Crazy, I know, but Cory had the time of his life. He's looking into doing it again! What the heck?!? Wait a second. . . "Hey Cory, when is that life insurance policy going to be active?" Just kidding. These next 2 pictures are him in the arena with the bulls. I know there's a ton of people in there but we circled him if you enlarge the picture.

Here is Cory in the middle with his dad on the left with the dark brown hair and his brother on the right.
That was a great trip and it's so fun thinking back to great memories.