Monday, April 25, 2011


Yes, we are alive. And contrary to popular belief, having six kids will not kill you. Sometimes you may feel as though you are slipping into oblivion; it's actually just the noise level giving you a headache.

So how appropriate to start posting with a big event like Easter. We had a nice low key one this year. My brother, sister-in-law, and their 2 kids came from San Fransisco for a visit on Saturday. We did the Easter thing then (which was kinda nice). I made the traditional dinner: ham, funeral potatoes, carrorts, rolls, spinach salad, lemonade, toffee chocolate poke cake, and key lime pie. And you would be surprised with what I made. I don't come across as very domestic- oh, but I am. From scratch I made the rolls, the lemonade, the poppy seed dressing, and I candied the nuts for the salad. And it was good.

The egg hunt was spectacular! 65 eggs were hidden in our backyard which made for a very quick hunt. I think the kids were in a candy coma as we openend the eggs.

Here are all the kids, my 6 and my bro's 2 (Magnus and Leif are the bottom right hand corner).

Unbelievably, the sugar gets into their systems almost spontaneously. Just look at Spencer as proof...

This little guy needs more camera time. He is a big and very hefty 8 1/2 month old. Oh and he's so good. Can you believe how blonde he is?! The sun is shining on it a little bit but he is definitey tow-headed. I need to take a picture of my darkest, Andi and my lightest, Trevor. It's kinda weird.

Here's Steve's oldest boy, Magnus. He and my Avery are just a few days apart. He's a cute kid and looks just like his dad. I think the candy coma had hit him at this point. He's just so chill.

We have chuch from 1-4 this year. Bummer for Easter dinner but great for Easter breakfast. We made our tradional Bunny Pancakes and the kids helped decorate them.

This is Spencer, 4, and Avery, 2. It's nice to see Avery actually sitting in front of her food although I think this was only for a few seconds. She does not sit. Ever. And Spencer is not poking his pancake which is good. He's got this nasty little habit a poking (or, err, hitting) everything in sight.

Here is Andi, 5. I'm surprised she's just sitting still. Most of the day she's bustin' a move. That's different than dancing. She doesn't dance- she hip hops. But she's never taken a class. Her body just naturally kinda does that stuff.

Here's our Ashley, 9. I'm surprised she didn't write a full length book about this bunny pancake. She is very into using her imagination and creativity. And perfection.

Ainslee, 8, is a great singer. It's funny how from an early age you can see what they are all good at. We have a Singing Wii game and she blows all of us out of the water. Cory and I will try (pridefully) and she gets much higher scores than us. We cannot figure out how she does it! She is just that good.

Geez, my camera stinks. It couldn't be that Avery steals it and when I find it somewhere it will have a whole new set of fingerprints on top of the old ones. Bummer. This is the "Hurry up and smile cause we gotta get in the car or we'll be late for church and daddy thinks taking pictures is dumb but mom yells and says that it is important for posterity so everyone needs to just deal with it" picture. I think it turned out pretty good.