Tuesday, October 12, 2010

She survived another year...

That's right- someone in our family just turned...

Well, it was actually like 3 weeks ago but hey- I'm in a little late in posting. We had such a nice low key birthday. A homemade cake with my awesome cake decorating skills (as apparent from the picture above).
And an awesome not wrapped trike-bike for her to ride. Excuse her nakedness. In fact I took plenty of pictures but none of them actually had all the kids dressed. Hmm...interesting...
I just have to write about this little turkey. She:
*loves to copy the girls, even imitating them with her hands on hips
*likes to wrestle with "Bencer." It just recently changed from "Buddy" to "Bencer"
*Will not eat meals. She'd much rather raid the pantry for "tweets." In total desperation she'll climb up to the cough drops and swipe one for a sugar rush. What in the world???
*has such a sense of humor. How does she know how to be so funny already? She definitely takes after Cory in that regard.
*gives the best hugs. She even cups her hands around your neck.
*She likes to kiss my biceps- I mean where a normal person has a bicep. Mine is just extra skin and fat and bone. But that area of your arm she loves to kiss-a. lot.
*She puckers out her lips when you tell her to smile for pictures (as evident in the picture below)!

We just love this girl!!

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

A continuous drip

In these few days since Cory's been gone I've passed the one can of Cherry Coke a day to this:

Oh yeah- a continual IV drip of the stuff. Sweet!

Monday, October 4, 2010

Anyone want them?

Argh- these kids! Tonight was one of those nights. Cory is out of town for 5 nights. It's just me... and these kids. Seriously, if I could have hired a nanny I would have done it in a heartbeat!!! Isn't it funny how you could be so in love with your kids one second and literally the next you are so stinkin' mad?!?! How do you describe that emotion to someone? What would you call that emotion? mave (mad-love mix)? Luckily I got the 2 feet long royal blue marker off the carpet and the scribbles off the bookshelf. I guess Avery decided she wanted to "do homework" too. I also successfully scrubbed the glue off our stainless steel refrigerator while at the same time scratching it (nice). Spencer did that one. Ashley led the kids in a craft while I fed Trevor. Spencer wanted to put his pumpkin picture on the fridge so he used glue. So I guess in a way it was really innocent and cute... And terrible for the fridge! Needless to say- I stocked up on my "get through it" drug- Cherry Coke!