Thursday, April 23, 2009

Who doesn't like Disneyland?

So we took our annual Disneyland trip on Easter Sunday. We drove down after a good bacon and egg breaksfast and after our egg hunt in the backyard. Easter kinda took a backseat this year in lieu of Disneyland. I don't think the kids minded too much. We were there for 3 fun filled days. We spend day 1 at Disneyland, day 2 at Disneyland until the evening then we were off to CA Adventure, and Day 3 was split between the 2 parks as well. We saw a parade and the fireworks. The big girls did all the rides- with Space Mountain as their favorite. Poor little Andi was scared on every single ride. I kinda don't blame her. For being 3 and thinking EVERYTHING is real, it can be scary. Spencer went along pretty smoothly until he picked up on the "being scared" thing. They both did all the little kid rides, though. Avery was an angel- just cruisin'.

Mr. Growler going on the Small World ride. FYI- they added a few current Disney characters inside the ride. Look up to see Peter Pan flying as soon as you get into the singing part.

By day 2, Andi had had enough of all the rides. We forced her onto the Alice in Wonderland ride. She's not too happy to have to go on it. She was fine by the time it was done.

My fault- I told the big girls in dramatic fashion the story of Indiana Jones (they had no idea who he was). Neither of them opened their eyes the whole time on the ride. Ainslee cried when she got off. We'll see if they attempt it next year.

The first ride we went on was the Jungle Cruise. Just look at the fear on Ashley's face! I love it! I love how they totally believe it's real! Aahh- true innocence.

Little Missy just lovin' life.

Here are the girls in line for the Matterhorn. They really liked this one. Andi didn't go on it-too freaked out. Spencer did though. He was pretty impartial- no crying or laughing when it was done.

For one evening we were able to meet up with my Grandpa (mom's mom). He's 87 and is finally starting to act old- if you consider still working out in the garden and picking us lemons and grapefruits from his trees old.

We had just an absolutely great time. No complaints (except a little too windy one afternoon). Next time we go it will be as a family reunion with my folks, sister, brothers, sister in laws, and kids galore. I can't wait!!!!

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Back from Vacay. . .

Went to The Happiest Place on Earth. Had a fabulous time. Will post pics later when kids are busy.

Monday, April 6, 2009

So nice outside!

Yesterday and today have been so nice-maybe a little too warm for before Easter (75)- but nice to feel the sunshine. After Conference today, we drove to one of the bike trails here in Roseville. We didn't bike- we just walked it. It was really nice! The kids went off running ahead of us and it was so nice to see them just go! I remember running fast and loving the way the wind felt as it rushed past. Now, of course, I'd rather die than run. But at least I have good memories. As we walked/ran I felt really blessed to have children that are all healthy and their little bodies working so perfectly. It was a great day.

Andi was determined to sit on this cable line fence. She was trying so hard to balance which is why she wasn't looking. About 3 seconds after I took this, she jumped up, sat on her bum and then swung all the way back and upside down. It was a hoot! Straight out of America's Funniest Video!

There were random orange poppies that were in the middle of purple fields. It was really pretty!