Wednesday, April 21, 2010

OUr Ultrasound Guy

Bless that man. He's the one who told us we were having a nother boy. Hallelujah! Here's a funny story about our ultrasound experience:

Cory and I were sitting in the waiting room at the radiology center. Several of the ultrasound workers were coming in and out calling names. I personally was hoping to not see the person who did Spencer's ultrasound- he was terrible!!!! I didn't see him so I had some hope. Then we see this guy who is totally buff in his lab coat- but on the short side. He was really, really tan- like spray tan- tan. His hair was slicked back with tons of gel. Cory and I kinda giggled because come one- he does ultrasounds?!?! So we wait for another couple of minutes. And then our ultrasound guy comes out- IT'S THAT GUY!!! Cory and I glance at each other with shocked grins and wide eyes. He's very formal and introduces himself as Forrest. Really? Forrest? As we get in there I notice that he's got this silk button up purple and white long sleeve shirt on. And the sleeves are rolled up and the top couple of buttons are unbuttoned. Yes, a few long dark hairs are sticking out! And he's totally the whole 'sleeve' tattoo thing going on his arms, down to his wrists, and a little on his hands! Wha?!?! Crazy. But I'll tell you what- I must confess. He was EXCELLENT!!!!! The best ultrasound guy- or girl- ever. I decided that my dear friend, Forrest, looks like a combination of these two guys:

(Our dear sweet Jesse James)

(Some guy from Jersey Shore)

And I'm exactly dead on.
Forrest asked us before he started the ultrasound if we wanted to know the gender- we said, YES! So I lay down, get the squirty stuff, and he put the little device thing on my bellly. He yanked it off immediately. I thought, What the heck? Is he playing a joke? Then has asked, "Are you sure you want to know? Because I already know 100% what you're having." That could only mean one thing- there was a little ding dong showing. Forrest confirmed and said it was a boy. Of course Cory didn't believe it- but it's about as obvious as you can get. Needless to say Cory was so excited we went out for a steak dinner afterward...