Thursday, August 25, 2011

1 day of the new school year

Whew... I feel like I can breathe a little bit more now. The 3 big girls are back in school. They were so excited! As you can tell, scarves were the big fettish this year. Last year it was Paul Frank (the artist of the monkey).

Andi has Mrs. Goulding who is very tall. The top of Andi's head probably only comes up to to the top of her thigh. That sounds weird. To say thigh. Well, she does! Andi was so nervous walking to school. She kept saying, "My tummy hurts" but I think it was butterflies. That is so sweet. I can remember being nervous the first day of each year! It's a big deal. Then of course she forgot her lunch but luckily I caught it right after I dropped her off in her class so I was able to run home (well, I mean pushing the 3 little kids in a stroller in 85 degree heat, so I wasn't really running) and bring it right back. Hmm, interesting way to start the school year...

Ainslee began 3rd grade and has 2 teachers who team teach. Mrs. Lederer and Mrs. Holmstrom are veterans of the school. One thing I have to say about the teachers at this school is that they are all good looking. I mean, really they are! They all dress straight out of a magazine. It's kinda funny- there are not a lot of jeans amongst the teachers. So you can imagine how I feel when I go volunteer in the classrooms. Ainslee just loves school and does really well. Her STAR testing (CA Assessment) from the spring was mailed home a couple of weeks ago. I couldn't be more proud. She scored 450 out of 600 in English and 565 our of 600 in Math. She is considered "Advanced" in both. Wow. I actually have a kid that is smart in Math?!?! I hope she keeps that up!

And here is our Ashley who is starting 4th grade. She is on the upper grade playground now! She didn't seem nervous walking to school but she wouldn't leave my side until the bell rang. I don't blame her. I'm cool! I can fit 3 kids in a sit and stand stoller. Who wouldn't want to be near me... She's got a man teacher again this year- Mr. Henshke. That makes 3 in a row. I'm hoping this teacher will be really strick with the bully in the class "Naughty McKenzie." Ooh, she's rotten. In fact, when Ashley found out she'd be in the same clas again (3 years in a row). She cried. And not the weeping and wailing I-need-attention cry. It was a heartfelt tears rolling down the cheeks cry. I felt so bad. We're crossing our fingers on that whole situation. The good thing about "Naughty McKenzie" is she is just rotten with everyone- not just Ashley. Her STAR report came back awesome as well. She scored 488 our of 600 in English and 550 out of 600 in Math. Another Advanced title. I can take no credit for Ashley and Ainslee's smarts. That would all be because of Cory. He's the smart one. I'm the good looking one. Just kidding. He's good looking too. Yes!!! I am so lucky to be the mother of smart kids! Should I have them tutor ME in math?

It's funny have 3 little ones at home all day now. It kinda feels like I'm starting over again. Like when only had Ashley, Ainslee, and Andi. I keep thinking that I'm going to have some time during the day to catch up on projects and hobbies. Nope- I can tell that's not going to happen. But that's okay. I'd much rather be with my kids now than do projects. Even if I'm grumpy about it sometimes.