Monday, November 30, 2009

Our Thanksgiving

It was great. It started with Andi having her little Thanksgiving feast and presentation at her preschool.

Cory made hor d'ouvres (horsey doovers) at 12noon for a little snack. Then we went on a walk to the park down the street. It was beautiful weather. No sweatshirt needed!

Cory decided to be funny and climb up the play structure. He kinda got stuck trying to swing his leg over. I think he realized he's not as agile as he used to be. I guess no more acrobatics for him!

How many people can fit on a slide?

Since we stayed home for Thanksgiving this year, we invited another "Family-less" family over from our ward. They're great friends of ours and their 3 girls are the same ages as our older 3.
Cory and I cooked the turkey, apple sausage dressing (bad recipe), traditionas dressing (good recipe), pumpking pie, carmel apple cream cheese pie, corn, and the mashed potatoes and gravy. I must say... it was DELICIOUS for our first time ever Thanksgiving dinner! Angie and Ric brought over yams, green bean casserole (a classic) and banana cream pie. We then followed the evening up with some guitar hero. Over all, it was a great day.

Had to get a picture of this tree on our walk. So vibrant!

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Beautiful 4 yr old

This is our sweet dear Andi 2 months ago. Beautiful, wouldn't you say? Well, I would.

Yesterday I found this on the bathroom counter:

And now this our dear sweet Andi:

I'm not too happy about it. I told her she's very lucky I could fix her "cut off the piggy tail" episode into bangs. I'm not too fond of bangs- too much work!

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Time for Fall

Is it weird that our garden is still producing peppers...

...and strawberries?

When I look out the kitchen window, this is my view. The changing colors of the trees sure tell me it's fall.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009


Yes, ours was great. Especially since the weather was a nice 68 degrees. No jackets needed for Trick-or-Treating this year! The kids had a nice time dressing up:

Ashley: SuperGirl
Ainslee: An academy award winning actress (she had the little statue, too)
Andi: Tinkerbell
Spencer: Skeleton
Avery: A cat. Actually, it's the same cat that all the girls have dressed up as. We have pictures with each girl in that costume!

Cory really likes dressing up. But it always happens about an hour before it's time to go to the Ward Trunk-or-Treat. Last year he was a cowboy which was good because he had everything for that. This year he wanted me to dress up and I actually did. I'm not the costume type but I'm getting over a lot of my fears in my old age (not scared of Mascots anymore!). So we dug through some old boxes from High School. Cory wore a football practice jersey (from his glory days, from what I hear) and I wore his Letterman jacket. I also wore his class ring around my neck. Yes, high school sweethearts. Even though we weren't, but it's just a costume. Pretty sure he called me Lori and Joanna once that night :)
Earlier in the month I took a trip with the younger 3 to a pumpkin farm. Great times.
We even carved pumpkins for the first time since having kids. We've always just "accidentally" forgot to carve them because it would just be total chaes. But it wasn't this year. No blood and no screaming. Success!!!
p.s. Aunt Karen: we only took 1 Butterfinger for our whole family! Bummer that we missed you.