Wednesday, October 10, 2007

You know you're a CRAZY mom if . . .

* You let your 2 year old wear hot pink cowboy boots with jeans, shirt, AND a dress (none matching) to the grocery store and don't even blink an eye at how weird that probably looks.
* Your 2 year old keeps running away from you in the grocery store so you throw her over your shoulder like a sack of potatoes and still keep shopping while she's screaming.
* You threathen that the Halloween Monster will come and take the kids' eyeballs if they don't just CLOSE YOUR EYES AND GO TO SLEEP !
* You let your 2 daughters share underpants because you cannot keep up with all the dang laundry!
* You're so hungry because you didn't have time to eat lunch in between screamings so you sneak some (okay- a lot) of Baby Puffs from your 8 month old.
* When people ask if you're running a day care and if you have any more space available you say, "No, they're all mine and I am so happy that they are" with a proud smile.


courtneyb said...

that is so funny, I love the halloween monster!

-Sydney- said...

Jess what's your email address? I'll send you an invite to my blog.

BTW, you forgot to mention always having crunched up food particles in the bottom of your purse :)