Monday, November 19, 2007

Been a while

Okay, so it's been a while. Not much has happened since I last blogged. Oh yeah, Cory and I went to FLORIDA! Cory won an award at work back in July. He was chosen as an MVP from his group. All of HP is divided into 3 groups which work somewhat separately from each other. So his group makes up 1/3 of the whole HP company and those that were honored represented the top 2% of the group. So as part of the award, he recieved a prize package that included an all expense paid vacation to DisneyWorld for him and a guest (me!). So we went and had a great time. We stayed for 5 days. They put us up in a fancy shmancy hotel and had so many nice activities for us. There was a beach party and we ate steak and lobster then went to Epcot for their front row seats to the laser show. Then the next night was their actual awards ceremony which was a formal affair. Me- wear nylons? Ow!!!! It was fun, though. AND we hit all 4 Disney parks in 3 days! We were so busy but it was so exciting. I felt like a kid again. But so sorry, we took no pictures! Tower of Terror is still my fave. And here are a few recent pics of the kids.

Andi- just for fun!
Spencer likes to climb up on the bottom drawer of the stove- not on of course!
Here's Ainslee in her little pilgrim hat at her preschool party.
Ashley is so upset in this picture. All of the kindergarteners did a little Thanksgiving performance up on the stage while the parents watched. Then when it was over, they let the kids go out into the masses to find their parents on their own! Poor Ashley was worried because she couldn't find me in the choatic mess of a crowd. So here she is with teary eyes.


-Sydney- said...

Wow, fun! What did you do with the kids during your trip? I can't even imagine how nice that would be to be husband and wife again (instead of mommy and daddy).

Lindsey said...

Oh, what a fun trip! I've heard when you win trips from work you get treated like royalty and it sounds like you did! How fun!