Wednesday, January 30, 2008

My Dear Sweet Andi

I usually don't blog tons about my kids, but I just HAD to do one all about our little Andi. She is a funny little character. This is why she should win some kind of award:

Exhibit A: We are about half way through potty training (I HATE potty training, by the way) and she went over to a friend's house to play. I sent her over with a diaper on, so the mom wouldn't have to worry about accidents just in case. Well her little friend, Hannah, is just finishing potty training and has pull ups that she occassionally wears. Andi is very jealous of her 'princess underpants.' I picked Andi up and Hannah's mom told me an interesting story. I guess Andi was standing in the bathroom with a poopie bum and her diaper, which was lying next to her, was clean and there was nothing in the toilet. The mom could not figure it out. A few minutes later the mom found a dirty pull up in the living room. So Andi thought throught this whole thing first: I need to poopie, I will take off my diaper, steal one of Hannah's coveted pull-ups, poopie in it, take it off and hide it, then stand in the bathroom acting innocent. Nice, Andi, real smooth.
Exhibit B: She sang the word 'stupid' (it comes out dupid) to the entire melody of 'La Cucaracha.' How does she know La Cucaracha in the first place and where did she learn to say stupid (we don't say that, really!).
Exhibit C: I bought a big bag of conversation hearts to feed my sugar craving. She was sitting in the Target cart 'holding' the Target bag with the coversation hearts in it. Somehow from the time I bought them to the time we walked to the car, she had managed- without me knowing it!- to open the candy bag and stuff 2 handfuls of hearts into her mouth. Her mouth was so full her lips couldn't even close!
Seriously, what 2 year old could do all of that in one single day. I should feel so proud.


Lindsey said...

What a personality! How cute!

courtneyb said...

I love exhibit B, that is so cute and a little sassy, in a cute way. what a fun girl.

-Sydney- said...

How funny, kids are so much more clever than we give them credit for.