Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Why I've been on my death bed . . .

This is me screaming out in pain starting at 9:30 Monday night.

This is me going to the Emergency Room at 3:30am because the pain is so severe.

This is me with blisters. . . on my eardrums!!!!!!

This is me throwing up all day Tuesday.
So needless to say, I've down and out for a while feeling crummy. Help!
Thank goodness I have a wonderful husband who has helped me a ton. Thanks, honey.


Ashby Family said...

Hello???? Do you ever call your visiting teachers!! :)

Sorry to hear you have been so ill.

courtneyb said...

ugh! no fun! especially when your prego!

-Sydney- said...

What the heck do you have?!! Is it an ear infection that's messing with your equilibrium to make you all dizzy (and nauseated) or something? I'm sooooo sorry Jessie! You must be miserable!

Jordanfam4 said...

Oh Jessie!! How awful!!! Well I jsut wanted to stop in and say hi. Glad to see you have a blog hope its ok if I check in on you guys once inawhile!!

Miss 9th ward!

Amanda Jordan