Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Time Trials

This past Saturday, Ashley had her time trials for swimming. It was more like a practice swim meet. The purpose of it was to get official times for each swimmer for each event that they're entered in. Ashley did the freestyle, backstroke, and breastroke. She did good and she can only get faster, if you know what I mean. Little trooper woke up at 6:00am and had check in at 6:45. Then she did her first stroke at 9:45. The whole thing was over at about noon, so it was a long day for Ash. But I guess the real swim meets go a lot longer since it's 2 teams competing, not just the SeaWolves getting their times. Aren't we lucky?!? The funny thing is that we totally had no idea how this whole swim meet/time trial thing worked. Luckily we took a few toys and snacks to keep the kids busy. But I guess you just have to know how it works- you need a big tent thing, a rolling cooler (it has to roll to be right), a tarp and several sleeping bags, little hand held video game things, lots of gatorades, and sunblock. So we'll take a little trip to walmart this week to stock up. Here are some pictures:
Ashley getting ready for the backstroke.
Ashley would probably go a lot faster if she went straight in her lane instead of bumping into the rope 2 times :)
You're not cool if you don't have a tent and a rolling cooler
The girls enjoying the day away
The boys sweating the day away


courtneyb said...

that is so funny. I love the tents and coolers. You must have felt so left out!
Way to go Ashley!

-Sydney- said...

Wow, I'm just impressed that she can swim all the way across the pool! Congrats on another girl, by the way! Poor Spencer and Corey :) They are WAY outnumbered.

Lindsey said...

Oh, how fun! Long days, but it sounds so fun! Brings back lots of swim meet memories...

Shumster said...

Way to go Ash!!! Keep it up girl.