Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Scary Chuck E.

Yes, not Chucky that horror movie doll thing, but Chuck E. as in Chuck E. Cheese. Today me and the kids went to Churck E. Cheese's to kill a little time for the afternoon. As I was trying to pay for the pizza Andi started clawing at my leg trying to get up on the counter. She was really whiny, too. I told her she had to stay down because I had my hands full of money, cards, tokens, numbers, kids, diaper bags- you know, the usual. Then maybe 10 seconds go by and she is really clawing at me, like hurting me. "Mommy, Mommy, hold me hold me" she says and she totally trembling. It was a pure panic kind of thing. I turned down and asked her what the heck was going on. She just kept trying to climb up my body, shaking. I turned the other way to get out of line and I saw the devil- I mean Chuck E. Cheese walking towards us. Andi was totally freaked out by Chuck E. I had no idea!!!! She's never done that before or either has any other kid. So weird. So after the pizza got to the table, I told her Chuck E. Cheese would take her home if she didn't eat her lunch. It worked. So this is what I learned from Andi today:



Lindsey said...

Chuck E. Cheese would take her home... lol. That's too funny.

-Sydney- said...

Ha, Ha. Thomas was totally freaked out by Chuck E also. It's funny what scares kids sometimes.

Ashby Family said...

That mouse (or is he a rat?)is creepy. I don't blame Andee.