Thursday, September 25, 2008

What a week!

So Avery is 9 days old- we've been home from the hospital for 1 week. This is what's been going on:

This is our gargantuan caterpillar we found on one of our tomato plants. So gross. Cory stuck it in a box and the kids enjoyed watching it. Spencer kept saying "ew." The thing was as thick around as my thumb!

(Censor added due to the graphic content of this photo)

Ainslee (and the others) are loving holding Avery. Spencer has figured out that his index finger fits exactly into Avery's nostrils. Oh great.

The weather has been great so the kids are shunned outside for some exercise. They've discovered a game called "muddy pigs." Can you just guess what that game does to my loads of laundry!

Here is our sweet angel, "lil Missy"

Spencer, being so creative and naughty, decided to make a necklace out of things around the house. Too bad we haven't replaced this movie with the DVD yet!


The Bentleys said...

hahahaha... oh my gosh. Your blog is the greatest!! Avery is so precious! and I LOVE LOVE LOVE the name Avery.

April said...

Hilarious! The caterpillar is so huge! I love the censoring! And Spencer is just too funny! Avery is so adorable!!

-Sydney- said...

Your kids are so sweet. I don't know how you could ever get mad at them with how cute they are :)

Lindsey said...

Oh, that is one nasty caterpiller! Cute kiddos! I can't wait for my kids to get to play with yours again!

Shumster said...

I miss seeing your family every day at school. Kenna has also had fun doing jumprope in our back yard. It must be a first grade thing :) Avery is so very cute!!! Spencer is getting to be such a big boy. Jordan is also going threw the same stage like getting into stuff that she should not be touching. Oh kids... you got to love them right? Yes that was a question :) Ha Ha Ha