Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Pictures again!

So we're finally getting our Halloweenie pictures up. Our brand new computer has decided to not recognize our SD card drive. You want to know what's fun? Knowing now that you have to go through the hassle of fixing something that is brand new and you're so ticked about it that you scream out loud. Not that I did that or anything. So here we go:

Cory as Cowboy Cory, Ashley as a Black Cat, Ainslee as a High School Musical Cheerleader, Andi as Tinkerbelle, and Spencer as a Pirate

And Avery as a sad little girl who didn't dress up for Halloween because she kept sleeping through all the opportune times!

We actually went trick or treating at my brother's house in the bay area (2 1/2 hours away). We went for his new baby's blessing. Here are Magnus and Avery together- they're only 5 days apart!

Oh man, Spencer decided to have his daily temper tantrum today. It lasted a good 45 minutes. Half way into it, he was so exhausted he fell asleep face down on the tile. Here's the proof- sound asleep!


April said...

Their costumes are so cute!!

McOmberFam said...

I love the costumes!! It looks like you are all doing well. And I love that last picture of Spencer throwing his tantrum. Thats so Sadee now too.

-Sydney- said...

Glad Corey got to revisit his Cowboy persona from the Ranch vacation.

Lindsey said...

Cute kids! And cute babies! I can't wait for all three babies to meet each other next month! They'll (more like "we'll") love it!