Monday, December 15, 2008


Why am I always playing catch up? Oh yeah, I'm crazy, that's why. We just had our Christmas Enrichment Dinner for church-which is always a big deal-and I'm still recovering from that. So now I've got some pics to post. . .

Here's Spencer-Bencer hanging out on the swings a couple of weeks ago.

Our little 'pirate' Avery is adjusting well to the torture I put her through with the headbands. Cory just HAD to document her pain and suffering.

Not a bit camera shy, is she?

Andi did her little Thanksgiving song in preschool a couple of weeks ago- she's loving having lots of friends. She often tells us that she's going to marry her 'boyfriend' Cole. Great. . .

Ainslee is posing in front of one of our traditional Christmas season breakfasts-feel free to steal the idea! It's green french toast (dye the milk egg mix) with sausages for tree stumps.

Here are most of the kids (Ains in green, Ash on the top, Spence on the right) at the Rice Family Farm for Thanksgiving.

Another Christmas tradition is laying under the Christmas tree and singing Christmas songs while I play the piano. I think it only lasted 3 songs this year. . .

So you got me. This is how I get my girls' hair so curly for church. This is the night before taking pictures for the Christmas card.

Here's Cory and his Dad working hard at the Farm. It was COLD! By the way- does anyone know how to fix a 1950's Ford Tractor? Just wondering.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

The many faces of Avery

This is the "See,-my-family-is-normal" look.

This is the "Why-is-my-brother-always-sticking-his-finger-in-my-nose" look.

This is the "My-eyes-are-bigger-than-yours" look.

This is the "Why-did-I-give-up-heaven-for-this" look.

Isn't she adorable!!!

Monday, December 1, 2008

Isn't it amazing. . .

how you can be feeling so down on yourself because you don't sew, bake, sing, write funny blog posts, and a million other awesome things that other people do and then your wonderful naughty little boy will wipe away your tears and everything bad is suddenly gone. AMAZING.