Thursday, February 19, 2009

For Reals. . . Another Birthday

Yes, Ainslee has also just had her birthday! She turned 6 on Tuesday. We let the kids have a friend party every other year, starting at age 6, so this was her first one. I couldn't decide if I should invite just her church friends or just her school friends- so I did both. Ooops. 16 girls came. Wow- the noise level was amazing! In true Ainslee style, she chose to have a movie star party. So I basically made up movie star activities like walk the red carpet and pose, model shoot (even with a fan blowing the hair), and the girls' favorite- freeze dance. I made a star cake and she had a great time. And when Cory and I took her out for her birthday dinner- she chose Bucca di Beppo- strictly for the olive oil and balsamic dip for the bread. Isn't that funny?! Here go the pictures. . .

Blow out the candles, Ains.

Ashley and Ainslee posing off the red carpet. I took pictures of each girl and Ainslee and am sending them to the parents with the thank you cards. The girls (I think) really really liked this activity.

Here's the whole group. We had pizza, grapes, cake, and ice cream.

Here is Ainslee at Buca- this is the FREE dessert they bring you for your birthday- 2 slices of Red Velvet cake decorated in the colors of Italy. She was a little embarrassed when we sang.

I can't believe how my kids are growing- "She's slippin' through my fingers all the time. . . I try to capture every minute. . . while I am in it. . . " (ABBA)

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Cory's B-Day

For he's a jolly good fellow. . .

Cory turned the big 3-2 yesterday. The kids had off of school and Cory kinda sorta took the day off of work. What a nice guy- he took us to John's Incredible Pizza for his birthday dinner. It's like Chuck E. Cheese on steroids. He had his favorite pizza there- the Cheeseburger Pizza (don't ask). Actually, Cory and I went to this awesome hamburger place (The Counter) for a birthday date night on Friday night. I would scan some funny kid pictures of him if he weren't in the room on a conference call- that embarrassement will have to wait! For now, enjoy his big blue eyes in this picture taken at the pizza place: