Monday, April 6, 2009

So nice outside!

Yesterday and today have been so nice-maybe a little too warm for before Easter (75)- but nice to feel the sunshine. After Conference today, we drove to one of the bike trails here in Roseville. We didn't bike- we just walked it. It was really nice! The kids went off running ahead of us and it was so nice to see them just go! I remember running fast and loving the way the wind felt as it rushed past. Now, of course, I'd rather die than run. But at least I have good memories. As we walked/ran I felt really blessed to have children that are all healthy and their little bodies working so perfectly. It was a great day.

Andi was determined to sit on this cable line fence. She was trying so hard to balance which is why she wasn't looking. About 3 seconds after I took this, she jumped up, sat on her bum and then swung all the way back and upside down. It was a hoot! Straight out of America's Funniest Video!

There were random orange poppies that were in the middle of purple fields. It was really pretty!


-Sydney- said...

poppies and lupines. . .I miss California!

April said...

So jealous!! We woke up to snow- second Sunday in a row with snow! We can't wait for the warmer weather to come!

Jen said...

Your kids are just so cute!!!