Tuesday, November 3, 2009


Yes, ours was great. Especially since the weather was a nice 68 degrees. No jackets needed for Trick-or-Treating this year! The kids had a nice time dressing up:

Ashley: SuperGirl
Ainslee: An academy award winning actress (she had the little statue, too)
Andi: Tinkerbell
Spencer: Skeleton
Avery: A cat. Actually, it's the same cat that all the girls have dressed up as. We have pictures with each girl in that costume!

Cory really likes dressing up. But it always happens about an hour before it's time to go to the Ward Trunk-or-Treat. Last year he was a cowboy which was good because he had everything for that. This year he wanted me to dress up and I actually did. I'm not the costume type but I'm getting over a lot of my fears in my old age (not scared of Mascots anymore!). So we dug through some old boxes from High School. Cory wore a football practice jersey (from his glory days, from what I hear) and I wore his Letterman jacket. I also wore his class ring around my neck. Yes, high school sweethearts. Even though we weren't, but it's just a costume. Pretty sure he called me Lori and Joanna once that night :)
Earlier in the month I took a trip with the younger 3 to a pumpkin farm. Great times.
We even carved pumpkins for the first time since having kids. We've always just "accidentally" forgot to carve them because it would just be total chaes. But it wasn't this year. No blood and no screaming. Success!!!
p.s. Aunt Karen: we only took 1 Butterfinger for our whole family! Bummer that we missed you.


Lindsey said...

Love the cute costumes! Your kids are so stinkin cute!!!

Jen said...

well, you can tell that I'm catching up on my blogs while our husbands chat. :) I love all of the costumes- I bet it was fun to wear Cory's school ring!! And I can remember Ashley wearing that costume like it was yesterday. They aren't really about to turn 8, are they!?!?

Denise said...

AAAHHHH the old gold and blue! I miss those days so much! You all look so good! But who is Lori and Joanna!? :)

Jessica said...

How could he mistake you for Joanna when you don't have any blue eyeshadow on? ;)

-Sydney- said...

I didn't even see butterfingers in the store this year when I went to buy the trick-or-treat candy. Wierd.