Friday, January 29, 2010

Just getting to December?

Really? I'm just getting around to December's events? How embarrassing. I'll just do it picture style then...

Mr. Spencer and Avery enjoying a nice day out in the sunshine. Avery especially liked the garden dirt that day. Yumm-o.

We had our first every fire in the fireplace. We were a little nervous not ever having done one before but it turned out great. I think Cory and I woke up about each hour to make sure that none of us died of carbon monoxide.

The kiddos dressed in their Christmas outfits for church. I've decided to go simple each year and just buy black, red, and white things. That way they can pass everything down each year but they all will still match. It's worked out well for the past few years now.

Gingerbread House-making. This is the night that Cory broke my stand mixer... but I'm not bitter. Anyone got one they wanna give away? Just wondering.

Ashley's poetry reading in school. She wrote a few poems and shared them with her class. She read them so perfectly. I'm so proud of her!

Our Christmas Eve festivities. Of course a yummy dinner of ham and potatoes and jello salad. Then onto a gift exchange game (way fun). Then onto our holiday talent show. Ashley played a few songs on the piano while Ainslee and Andi sang. And I massacred a piano duet with my cousin Lindsey. Nice. Then the reading of the nativity story with hand puppets.

My kids and Lindsey's kids. I think we have the same picture from when we were little kids.

Building the worlds greatest snowman, Mr. Winter. Well, according to the kids it's the greatest. The kids did not understand, though, why we put a pipe in it's mouth. I said, "It's tradition" but I'm thinking that tradition's gotta go!