Friday, February 19, 2010

Birthdays and Baptisms

January and February are very busy months around these parts. We have Ashley's birthday on Jan 13 (and she was baptized a few days later), Spencer's on Jan 15, Cory's on Feb 9, and Ainslee's on Feb 17. It's a little hard to keep up and believe me sometimes the birthdays don't happen on the exact birthday day. But we still have fun anyway...

Here is a homemade cake a la Walmart- remember the broken mixer? She got to pick out a bike for her birthday. Everyone needed new bikes this year and since Santa brought Spencer and Andi one, the bigger girls had to wait a little longer.

The kids get birthday parties with friends every other year- on their even birthdays starting at age 6 (I'm so against the entitlement attitude). She picked her 4 closest friends and I took them all out for ice cream Sundaes. Pretty much the cheapest and easiest birthday party I've ever done. They had a great time.

Ashley was baptized on Jan. 16. It was so nice. I was a little nervous about how to 'do' one. Our stake does individual baptisms which is nice because it's just our little celebration but then again I have to plan it all. I had Ashley pick out the songs, who would say the prayers, and who would give the talks. Ashley, Ainslee, and Andi sang "I'm trying to be like Jesus" and it was just wonderful. The whole day was. We had family come in to support us. We know what a sacrifice it is since we live so far away and we don't have anything fun near us to visit. I mean why would anyone want to come here? No beach, city, mountains... just the Rice Family Circus. Here's a sweet story about Ashley. When she was getting comfirmed, she teared up quite a bit. I could feel her strong spirit and she felt for the first time the Holy Ghost. I hope and pray that she remembers that feeling to help her through her decisions. I'm so proud of her and her decision to be baptized.
Next was Mr. Spencer's birthday. It was actually the day before Ashley's baptism so we still had family in town. Again, cupcakes a la Walmart. He got some really great boy toys for his birthday which of course are so needed in this house!
Then it was Cory's birthday but since he's the old man of the house he got his own posting (see below).
Then Ainslee turned 7 just the other day. We have a tradition of taking each birthday kid to a restaraunt of their choice- with just mom and dad. Ainslee had decided months and months ago that she wanted to go to Islands for their mini burgers. She's so funny about food. She has a definite taste for certain foods. She even described her birthday cake to me in perfect detail (I did get a cheap hand mixer for the occassion). So when no one can decide what we want to eat for dinner she'll be the one to ask.


Stacy said...

Wow, you guys have been busy. Congrats to Ashley on her baptism. That's so exciting. What a cute girl. I love the sweet experience she had too.

Jessica said...

When I mailed Ainslee's card I was thinking the same thing about how busy these few months are for you! Seemed like all the cards I was sending were for you guys :)

Sounds like the baptism was a really special day. Wish we could have been there. I am glad you planned it all, hopefully you will have some great tips for me when we do it in a couple years!

Heidi Malena said...

I think I might do the every other year birthday thing too. Thanks for the idea. And maybe Ainslee can help me out with what to fix for dinner too. That's great that she knows what she wants.