Saturday, May 15, 2010

Picture Time

I've just realized that I've slacked off quite a bit with my pictures and not just for the blog. I just haven't organized them lately and found a few minutes to do them. So why not just throw them up on the blog at the same time? We're talking old school pictures here- way back to Valentine's Day!
This is what they all wore that day to school- you gotta love red!

Right after Christmas we decided to beat the winter blues so I had all the kids pick out one activity from the Parks and Rec catalog from the city. It's so funny what they picked! Ainslee picked ballet (true to form), Andi picked gymnastics (true to form again), Ashley picked a soccer class (I would've thought an art class), and Spencer-well daddy- picked flag football. I didn't get any pictures of Andi in her gymnastics class and we ended up canceling the football class because of our scheduling. Ashley's class is still going on. But we did get Ainslee in her last class- she loved it!

And spring would not be complete without a rainbow. Luckily we've seen quite a few since we've lived here. They're beautiful. This is from our back patio. Those trees were in full bloom still so it must have been the beginning of March when we saw this rainbow.

This spring we also went through an "everything is breaking at the same time" phase. When it rains, it pours, right? I can't even name all the things that we had to replace but of course we had to get a picture of this one. This is what happens when you let your husband vacuum! The handle completely broke off!

Then spring came along and I had to keep the kids busy for the week. We took a couple of excursions and had some nice lazy days. If only summer could last one week...
We headed over to a place called Daffodill Hill. It was beautiful but a little too far out of the way for my taste. The kids had a fun time until the drive back. Wouldn't you know it- 15 minutes from being home and Ainslee gets car sick. I'm talking ALL over the car... fun times.

Then off to the Jelly Belly Factory. I thought the older 3 were old enough to understand what was going on. Spencer and I just wanted the free package of jelly beans at the end. Here we are on our way to the Factory!
Yes, there's Avery not going with the flow... she's got another whole post coming soon- she deserves one all to herself- if you know what I mean.
Then it was Easter time. It was just us this year because that's how it worked out and it was fine. The Easter bunny came, we painted eggs, ate deviled eggs (the kids actually liked them), had an egg hunt, made our traditional bunny pancakes, and had a nice-ish dinner (no one to impress!).
And finally (I told you there were a lot of pictures) in the middle of April I was able to take the Ashley, Ainslee, and Andi into San Fran to see Wicked. Did you know that this muscial actually had it's debut in San Fran? Pretty cool, huh. A friend in our ward got a group rate on tickets so about 30 of us went. It was AMAZING and I'd see it every day if I could. I am so lucky that I got to spend the day with my 3 oldest even though I almost had a heart attack from trying to find parking!
P.S. I think I look like Galinda
P.S. Just kidding