Wednesday, August 25, 2010

It's school time again!

Thank goodness that summer is over! We had a rough one since I've been so stinkin' pregnant! Maybe I should say lazy. And hot. But we've made it out alive! Yesterday was the kids' first day of school and they were sure excited for it. I bought each of he girls a chapstick that hooks onto their backpacks and I made up a little tag to go with it. The tag said, "Pretty lips say pretty things." I really want them to be nice to EVERYONE- that, to me, is just as important as being smart!

Andi started PM kindergarten this year 11:40-3:00. Her teacher is Ms. Jordan.

She looks so nervous in this picture. I think she was a little bit but handled it like a pro. And yes, I cried after I dropped her off. You'd think I'd be over that by now!

Ainsle started 2nd grade this year. When I asked her what she was most excited for, she said "Seeing Mrs. Jennings." That's her teacher.

Ashley is starting 3rd grade this year. When I asked her what she was most excited for she said, "Seeing my friends." That works, too!

Here are the kids on their 2nd day of school. They chose to all be matchy-matchy in the latest fads (for them)-Paul Frank. Even Spencer got in on the action even though he doesn't start preschool for another 2 weeks.


April said...

Love the girls first day of school outfits!! I really love the chapstick idea! Do you think you might be able to come up with something like that for boys...please!?! :)

Angie said...

Love that chapstick idea too! Love their cute!

-Sydney- said...

Your kids are so adorable, and I'll third the genius chapstick idea. We talked a lot about bullies when George started school and I told him I would be so sad if anyone bullied him but I would be even more sad if HE was ever a bully!