Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Are they all yours?

Every morning me and all 4 kids take a little outing together: park, grocery store, Michaels, library, etc. Almost every single day when we are out I have someone say to me, "Are they all yours?" Really. I'm not kidding. I've had one variation of "Oh, looks like you're babysitting today." I guess we are just a sight to be seen. Yes, it's true that not many people have 4 kids here in NorCal. The majority have 2, some crazies have 3, and then there are the few 'insane' of us that have 4. Maybe it's because my kids are so close in age that people just can't believe I'd do this to myself. GIVE ME A BREAK!!!!!!! If I had to do it all over again, I would have it the same way. Sure, it's a handful, but I'm happy with the way we are. Everybody better watch out if baby #5 comes- we'll be put on the nightly news. How could you not love little faces like these:


courtneyb said...

well it's good to hear that in the states you get that to. in italy people stare at us like the parade is coming to town! they are cute!! and yes we are definently getting together when your here!