Tuesday, July 17, 2007

No Name

Do you remember in junior high in p.e. class and you were put into a team. Then you had to come up with a team name. And EVERYONE chose "the no-names" as their name. And everyone always thought that was so funny. I guess I'm still not over the funniness of it since that what I titled my blog today. Moving on. . . Ainslee's eye is getting better. On Sunday the swelling finally went away. We had our bishop, who is an ER doctor, look at it because that morning Cory and I felt something hard moving under her eye. Cory thought it was maybe a broken bone. But Bishop Dr. said it was just a blood clot and it'd probably go away soon. So in honor of Ainslee's 'shiner' here is a picture of her 1 week after getting the black eye. It's a beautiful color of hot pink. We try and match her outfits to it. I think she likes the attention it gives her.


Jen said...

Jessie, she is so cute, even with that black eye!!!!!

courtneyb said...

she is still gorgeous

your girls are always dressed cute so I'm not surprised if her clothes do match the eye ;)

Lindsey said...

oh sad, she's still so pretty though!