Thursday, August 9, 2007

And we're still vacationing

I told you, we'd be gone for a while. So now I'm even farther behind. AAAHHH! I'll do the Cliff's Notes version of what's happened up until now. At least I have lots of pictures to show.

Day 7 Saturday: This was the last day we were spending in Utah with my family. We decided to go ATVing up at Cascade Springs. We first drove to Midway and parked the cars. Then Cory and I drove the ATV up about 15 minutes while the kids drove up with Grandma and Grandpa in the truck. We found this little nook by a little stream and had a picnic lunch. Then we took turns on the ATV with the girls loving every second of it. It was so peaceful and relaxing. We also celebrated Andi's 2nd birthday since it was coming up. She had little pink cupcakes as her treat.


Matt said...

Just wandered by, thought I'd stop in to roust grandpa a bit...

"Hey, Grandpa, put some helmets on those kids!" :D

Looks like fun. Be sure to get those kids some lessons if they're going to start riding, looks like they enjoy it already! My kids love it!

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