Thursday, August 9, 2007

Caught up

Okay, now I just have the last 2 days to catch you up on so I think I can do it in this one blog. On Day 10 Tuesday we went to the 'big city' they call "Tri Cities." Yes, there are actually 3 cities kinda in the middle of nowhere and they're all bunched together. I just can't remember the name of the 3 cities. Anyway, we went to the Costco there and we saw the Temple. It's a mini one but it's nice to know there are so many members there that they get their own temple. The Work is moving forward! Then Grandma Rice took Ashley to get a new outfit for the start of kindergarten. Ashley was dead set on getting a High School Musical shirt and purse. Grandma Rice laughed because she was acting like a little teenager. She just knew what she wanted and didn't really want anything else. It's funny to see a 5 year old walking around with an "I Love Troy" shirt on. Then on Day 11 Wednesday we had the kids paint the old corral. To protect their clothes and boots (of course you can't wear painted on boots to the rodeo) Grandpa Rice bought large shirts to go over their clothes and tube socks to go over their boots. It was hilarious. You could just imagine the jokes we told. The kids really loved it and went through 1 whole can of primer. Child Labor Laws!!!!


courtneyb said...

that sounds so fun to be on a ranch with tons of acres! did the kisd just love the farm life!? i hope you plan on posting more photos of the house, I want to get the whole affect ;)