Monday, March 3, 2008

Disneyland and Strollers

I don't know who reads my blogs but who ever does, I have some important information for you regarding Disneyland. Hello- they do not rent out double strollers anymore!!!! What the heck?!? And if you're like us and you think you can just get a single stoller and shove 2 kids into it, sorry you're out of luck. They have actually redone their single strollers too. They are now single jogging stollers which makes it nice to manuever around but there is absolutely no way in the world you could stick 2 kids into it. Believe me, we tried. Hard. So before you go, decide how you want to do strollers before you get there.


April Rice said...

We actually found that out the hard way too- after thoroughly enjoying the double strollers at Disney World!

-Sydney- said...

That's good to know and very surprising! They should put a big disclaimer on their website ;)