Friday, March 14, 2008

School Projects

Well, I got my first taste of what the whole science fair project thing is going to be like. On Friday both Ashley and Ainslee had 2 projects due. Ashley needed to build a Leprachaun trap (the teacher called it a hotel) and had to take 20 individual portions of a treat for their party. Ainslee had to decorate a spring hat for the hat parade and 20 filled plastic Easter eggs. It didn't help that Cory has been out of town this whole week. He did do the hat and hotel before he left, which helped. But holy cow, I was up until 12:30 the night before finishing all the loose ends. Ahh, crazy. But Cory was VERY excited to do this whole leprachaun hotel thing. He actually went out and bought a whole new drill bit set just for it. Here are a bunch of pictures from it all:

This is the top view:

So it's a pot with gold coins glued inside with a lid. Ashley hides out in the woods and when she sees the leprachaun climbing up the ladder to get the coins, she pulls the trigger and the lid spins closed and latches so "Lucky" the leprachaun is trapped.

Here is the front view. Notice the ladder made from pipe cleaner.

Here is the side view:

It was mostly thought up by Ashley (honest), Cory did the construction, and Ashley decorated it.

Here's Ainslee in her spring hat that she and Cory did together. She and her pre-k class paraded around the school for the kindergarteners to see.

Ainslee then had an Easter Egg hunt at the playground. She was so proud to find 16 eggs. Yeah, all mommy wants is to have to deal with more candy (my kids are addicted). Isn't that a cute Easter Bag she made in class. I love the Q-tip whiskers. Good idea for a craft.

And to end the day, we all played at the park while we waited for Ashley to get out of school.


courtneyb said...

typical, always looking for an excuse to buy more tools ;)
the trap is great, very creative ash!

-Sydney- said...

How fun. The trap is ingenious! Did you try it out? :)