Sunday, May 11, 2008

Mother's Day

Happy Mothers Day, Everyone!!!! I had a nice day. When I woke up, Cory had put a vase full of roses on the table for me. They're from our front yard and I love the colors!

Then we had donuts for breakfast- my choice. Then off to church. We have early church which is too bad because it would have been nice to sleep in for once. Oh well, life goes on. After church, we had my choice of dinner. Grilled Steaks with mushrooms, grilled asaparagus, buttery garlicky red potatoes, and smores for dessert. Really, that's what I wanted and they were sooo good. The day actually went really well. Probably better than most which is a great Mother's Day present. Later in the evening we decided to cut Spencer's hair. First Haircut!!! We just buzzed the top with an 8 and the back and sides with a 6 to clean it up.
He really liked it at first. . .

And then he freaked out.

On Friday, I went to Ainslee's Mother's Day Tea at her preschool where they sang adorable little songs and had little muffins for the moms. She made me a little bonnet to wear and I know it looks like a toilet seat cover- but it's not.

Then right after, I went to Ashley's Mother's Day Tea where the whole kindergarten sang songs. One funny thing was that Ashley gave me a Mothers Day card she made in class. It was a fill in the blanks. She drew a picture of me to go with it. She wrote (and drew with crayons) that my hair color was blonde, brown, and black. Hello, I know I need my roots done!!!!
How embarrassing!


Lindsey said...

Lol, i laughed so hard about your hair color. That is so me! Glad you had a great day!

Stacy said...

It sounds like you had a great mother's day. I hope you are feeling well. I have added you to my blog. I hope it's ok. I want to try to keep up to date with everyone. Our blog is