Wednesday, May 7, 2008

What a pain.

No, not my ear. I've been working on building a blog for our Relief Society and I was changing the template which also changed the widgets on the side bar. But guess what, I was accidently logged in to our family blog so I've lost all pictures and widgets. So now I get to start over. . . Fun :/


Jessica said...

I know that a lot of her newer templates are set up so that they keep your page elements in tact, if you want to try that. I think you can also add them back on pretty easily if you saved your old template. Good luck!

April said...

That's too bad, but I love the background. Does that help you feel better?!

courtneyb said...

how frustrating!!! I did that once and was so peeved. try
it doesn't change the links just the background

Jordanfam4 said...

bummer about the changes Jessie!! I came across your blog from Leslies site and I hope that you get the ward blog up and running so I can check in on my Roseville 9th family!! I miss you guys!!

Amanda Jordan

ps check out my blog

Ashby Family said...

The RS blog turned out nice.