Monday, October 20, 2008

La Jolla

So I haven't blogged for a while because me and Avery went with Cory to La Jolla.

He had business meetings and I went for a little R&R. The other kids stayed home- sorry! I was on my own for 2 days while he had breakfast, lunch, and dinner with his associates. But that was fine. So we stayed at a really nice hotel just 1/4 mile from La Jolla Cove.

Of course we didn't take the camera- I always forget it. Dang. I'm trying to entertain you with pictures I found on the internet- just pretend I took them!
There were also little boutique shops (with a few scumy souveneir shops mixed in) and little restaurants up and down the streets. I shopped- window shopped that is. There were a ton of art galleries there- not exactly in my price range.

Down in the cove, there were sea lions just chillin' on the rocks 15 feet from the beach. Way cool.

I ate breakfast and lunch in the hotel, you know, cup o' noodles, oatmeal cereal bars, sink water. Then I went out for 2 dinners on my own (with Avery of course). I kinda felt like Rachel Ray on Tasty Travels or $40 a day, sampling the cuisine by myself.

I felt kinda weird and felt the need to explain my situation to the servers so they didn't think I was a single mom going on a date with myself. I did have dinner with Cory 1 night and we went to this kinda fancy restaurant. It was outdoor and at the top of a tall building so we could overlook the ocean. Food was not so great, but the view was!

While hanging out in the room, I got my recipe project finished that I brought from home. Success!

All in all it was really great and I'm glad I was able to go. Love You, Cory!


Lisa said...

Hey Jessie, I came across your blog from someone in the ward. Sounds like you had a nice trip. That would be a good thing to do after a baby. I need to remember these kinds of things!

-Sydney- said...

Yay, how fun! I love your description of breakfast. . .sink water. . .so funny.

Jessie said...

Hey Lisa,
You're welcome to visit my blog anytime! Glad you found me!

The Cline Family said...

So that's why I didn't see you at pickup at school. You lucky lady!

I'm tagging you..see me blog for details!