Sunday, October 12, 2008

She's official now

Today was Avery's blessing day. I always joke with Cory that he'll forget the baby's name during the blessing but he didn't so she's officially Avery Melissa. The blessing was of course beautiful though I can't remember exactly what was said. My friend in the ward wrote down the details so I can read it over later. Here are a few pictures to show:

Okay, the picture below won't upload the right way. So either turn your head or turn the monitor to see!

My mom makes blessing blankets for all the grandkids and they each have a different stitch. This is the one she made for Avery.

And in 2 weeks we get to be at my nephew's blessing (Steve & Deb's boy). Can't wait!!!


Jordanfam4 said...

You've given me baby fever Jessie!! Now if I only new the secret to securing a girl this time!! That might clinch it for me!

She's beautiful!

April said...

Congrats! Wish we could have been there! The pictures are great!

courtneyb said...

I like her dress, very cute.

Tiffany said...

Wish we vould have been there! She is so beautiful. What a cute family. :)

Shumster said...

So sad that we don't live in the ward any more. Tyson so wants to move back ASAP. Congrats to you guys. We might come and visit soon.