Friday, September 16, 2011

Shark Girl

Finally Andi lost a tooth.  She was a late bloomer I guess.  She has been waiting and waiting and waiting to finally get a loose tooth and "all" of her friends have already lost teeth.  In fact, she even grew her adult teeth in about 3 months ago.  She looks like a shark!  See:

She is so proud.  The tooth fairy came for a visit that night even though there was no tooth.  Here's the story...One night Andi asked Cory if he could pull it out.  I don't think she really even knew what that entailed.  She just liked the attention, I think.  So Cory got the floss and wrapped it around and just yanked it.  And out it flew!  It flew behind Cory, hit the wall and disappeared.  Really!  We looked everywhere for it and couldn't find it.  So she wrote a note to the tooth fairy and stuck it under her pillow.  Luckily the tooth fairy remembered and brought $2 because that's what was in the tooth fairy's wallet. 


Denise said...

That is too funny!! Glad the tooth fairy left money even though there wasn't a tooth :)
Spencer is so handsome!

-Sydney- said...

Freaky! I love your pictures. What program do you use to add the text?

krk realty said...

You look much prettier now.

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Star C. and Katsy C. said...

You spelled RISE wrong!! you put RICE and SHINE!!!