Friday, October 24, 2008

Pictures Galore

I had one of "those" days yesterday. While I was sitting on the couch feeding Avery, Spencer was very busy behind the kitchen island with the new case of juice boxes from Costco. I couldn't figure out what he was doing and of course every time I called him over to me, he ignore me. So when I finished with Avery I walked over to check it out. He had cut with scissors (!) into the case and pierced some of the juice boxes. I figured out later that it was 4 boxes. But all the juice from those boxes leaked all over the other boxes AND all over the floor. And then of course Spencer walked throught the mess a few times and got sticky footprints throughout the family room. Yeah, THAT's fun to clean up. To salvage the juices, I had to rinse off each box. Here's the evidence:

Here's the culprit:

And while I was cleaning that mess, Andi got the ink stamper from the top of Ainslee's pen and stamped her eyelids to look like eyeshadow and her lips to look like lipstick. She had asked me earlier in the day if she could put my makeup on. I should have known something naughty was going to happen. Here's the naughty one:

Here's the first-grader that all the others look up to:

Here's Ainslee, mommy's little helper, and Avery at 4 weeks:

Here's Little Missy at 5 weeks. You didn't know I gave birth to a baby Buddha, did you:

You also didn't know I gave birth to an owl:

Did you ALSO know that brussel sprouts grow on a stalk? We didn't until we bought a stalk at a farmers market last weekend. And the kids loved eating them! Yeah!


courtneyb said...

it is so much funnier when I'm not the one that has to clean up the mess!

How did you cook your brussel sprouts?

Lindsey said...

I LOVE that first picture of spencer! Actually, I love the second picture of him too. Cute kiddos.

Shumster said...

Oh yes i have had days like this too. Happens a lot when you are feeding the baby. The older kids know you are not able to get them so they get into everything. Lots of fun for mom. Can't wait for those days to come back soon :)

-Sydney- said...

I agree it is funnier when this sort of stuff happens in someone else's house :)

Jessie said...

Hey Courtney, not that you'll be cooking brussel sprouts anytime soon with baby coming, but when you do here's what I did: Cut them off the stalk, cut the entire stem off each sprout, stuck them in a bowl with water and microwaved them for about 10 min.