Thursday, June 4, 2009

Blog Worthy- Finally!!!

So I haven't posted in a while. I guess I have just had nothing worthy to blog about. Sure, Avery is now crawling, has her 2 front teeth in, plays peek-a-book, and cruises furniture like nothin' else. And Spencer has decided to say "yessss" with an arm pump after anything exciting happens to him. And Andi finished her 1st year of preschool and can write her name complete with fancy little dots on all the letters. And Ainslee and Ashley are finishing up their school years, in the top of their classes and have both finished their first swim meets of the summer. But the other night it all came together. I asked myself,"why haven't I blogged about this before?" I am talkin' about this little treasure:

Truly something to blog about!!! This is my new favorite "I am actually spend some money on myself" treat. So worth it. The kids post will come later. . . when I'm done suckin' this "heaven on earth" down.


April said...

That's so funny!! Where do you get it?! Looks delicious!!

-Sydney- said...