Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Man I feel old!

Well, most of you haven't seen pictures of me lately. I have really aged. Having 5 kids running around has taken a toll on me.

And apparently people in our ward thought I was looking old...I mean more mature and experienced, because I was called to be High Priest Group leader. Yeah...I thought the same things you are thinking right now too. Crazy.


April said...

That picture is awesome!! I'll have to have Chad take a look! And congrats on the new calling- oldie!!!

-Sydney- said...

That picture is freaking me out. What the heck?

Shumster said...

Congrats on the calling. Does not surprise me though. You are super cool Cory you will be great. Hope you had a wonderful fathers day.

We miss you guys lots. We are coming up to visit July 9-12. We have got to get together this time. So So sorry about last times park date. That was really bad on my part. So any ways that will not happen again. We got to get the girls together and play for sure. It would be so much fun to see Jordan and Spencer play :) Oh... and meet your new little one and you guys meet our new little one. I will call you guys soon
Love ya